4 April 2019

Encryptctf Stressedout

by eshaan7

Challenge: Stressed Out ?(for 100 points, static) [Steganography]

Challenge description:

Elliot all stressed out from this hack, that hack, saving the world (yeeeeep, sounds about right) was losing his mind when Mr. Robot handed him this song to relax to.
Elliot: It's good. So good, it scratched that part of my mind. The part that doesn't allow good to exist without a condition.
Author: maskofmydisguise

Let’s capture tis fl4g:

We are given a dontstressoutkiddo.zip file, we unzip it to find an audio dontstressoutkiddo.wav which is playing Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots. Analyzing with sonic visualizer, trying to find something in the spectrogram, we get nada.

Proceed as below,

We do exiftool and see a string 1_4M_Str3ss3d_0ut, which is not the flag, but it is the password to extract a hidden jpg file using steghide. On closely looking at the extracted flag.jpg file, we can see there is a flag which can be seen clearly on increasing brightness or using stegsolve.jar on it.

FLAG: encryptCTF{tyl3r_j0s3ph_is_4_g0d}

Thankyou for reading, happy hackin’! ~ eshaan7